The Swashbuckler Triathlon

10th July 2022 | 6:00am

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The Swim

Middle Distance - 1900m

Standard Distance - 1100m

Likely water temperature is 14-15 degrees so therefore wetsuits will be compulsory. Neoprene swim hats are recommended under your coloured swim hat. We will also allow botties to be worn. If you don't have a wetsuit, our friends at Zone 3 provide wetsuits for hire.

The Start and Route


Mass start or wave starts depending upon final entry numbers. The swim course will be 2 laps for the middle distance and 1 lap for standard. It is a river swim and the course will be marked by buoys and patrol kayaks. You will exit on the same slipway and then follow a matted path up through the village and into the transition area. The river is tidal so there will be a bit of a current in places!


There will be a number of rescue canoes and motorised safety boats patrolling the swim. If you wish to attract the attention of one of these boats turn onto your back and raise one arm in the air.

You will be close to the river banks for most of the swim course so you can always swim to the side if you need to.

Competitors are reminded that no inland waterways in Britain are considered safe for swimming.

Do not swim if you have an open wound, feel unwell or are recovering from a virus or infection, as your immune system may not be strong enough to ward off infections. In the event of illness after swimming, medical advice and treatment should be sought from your GP.

Furthermore to avoid the possible spread of weed between bodies of water, athletes should always ensure that their wetsuits are rinsed & dried thoroughly between swims at different venues.


There is an uphill run of approx 400 metres up to transition in the village. We will mat the run section so you will be ok in bare feet but if you prefer you can leave a pair of running shoes to be put on after the swim.

Wetsuits must be worn or taken to transition – do not discard on the way!